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When your eyes are red and inflamed, William Diamond, OD, and his team of friendly and compassionate eye care specialists offer comprehensive diagnoses and treatments at their family-friendly practice in Dublin, California. Dr. Diamond and his team work to discover the root of your problems, such as an allergy, infection, or injury, and offer customized treatments to restore your eye health. Call or make an appointment online today.

Red Eyes Q & A

What is red eye?

Red eye describes bloodshot, irritated eyes. The term can also indicate redness or inflammation of the skin around your eyes, like swelling in your eyelid or styes. Red eye may develop to different degrees of severity. For example, you might have a few blood vessels visible in the whites of your eye or your entire eye could become red.

What causes red eyes?

A wide variety of conditions can cause red eyes.


Commonly known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is one of the most common infections to affect your eyes. Expect the whites of your eyes to turn pink as blood rushes to your eyes to fight the infection.


Another common cause of eye redness, allergies are the result of a hyperactive response to an allergen. This histamine response causes the blood vessels in your eyes to swell.

Dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, your tear ducts don’t produce sufficient quantities of tears. When your eyes aren’t moist enough, they become dry and inflamed, causing redness.

Eye Injury or Trauma

When your eye is hit, blood vessels in your eyes may burst, flooding your eyes with blood. Eye injuries can also cause an inflammatory response, flooding your eyes with the extra blood carrying the nutrients and oxygen required for healing.

How is red eye treated?

Dr. Diamond and his team offer customized treatments to resolve the root cause of your red eyes. For example, when an infection like conjunctivitis is causing your red eyes, he prescribes antibiotic drops to get rid of the infection.

Allergies and dry eyes are often treated with drops to add moisture to your eyes, flushing away any irritants. Eye injuries and trauma typically heal over time. You may need to apply compresses or cover your eye for a short period of time to facilitate healing.

What should I do if I have red eyes?

If you have red eyes, seek professional eye care attention from Dr. Diamond. He examines your eyes to determine the cause of the redness and prescribes effective treatments to heal and clear them. Call the practice or book an appointment online.