Emergency Eye Care Specialist

William Diamond, OD

Optometrists located in Dublin, CA

If you believe your vision is at risk, contact our office immediately for emergency eye care treatment. Dr. Diamond and his compassionate team of eye care professionals treat eye care emergencies from injuries to the sudden onset of symptoms. For emergency eye care services, call us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

What is an eye care emergency?

An eye care emergency is a situation where an injury or a sudden onset of symptoms, like blurred vision or vision loss, require immediate attention from an eye care professional (end sentence at eye care professional). Issues that indicate an eye care emergency include injuries caused by scratches or blows to the eye with a blunt object. If a sharp object punctures your eye, leave the object in place and go to the nearest emergency room.

What symptoms indicate a need for emergency eye care?

A variety of symptoms or changes in your vision are signs of an eye care emergency:

  • Vision loss
  • Persistent blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Flashes of light or halos
  • Pain in or around the eye
  • Discharge or crust around the eye
  • A suddenly crossed or turned eye

Breaking or losing your glasses isn’t an emergency unless your vision is at risk. To replace or repair your eyeglasses, call this family friendly-office to schedule an appointment.

What conditions cause eye care emergencies?

An accident while playing sports or a vehicle collision often results in eye injuries. If you or your child accidentally get a chemical or piece of debris in your eye, you should flush your eye with water and call the office to make an emergency appointment.

Other eye emergencies are related to eye infections like conjunctivitis, commonly called pink eye, or a reaction to a contact lens.

What should I do if I have an eye emergency?

If you get something stuck in your eye, don’t rub it. This could scratch your cornea and lead to other complications. Instead, blink to produce extra tears or try to flush the debris out of your eye.

When you can’t remove the object, gently apply a warm compress and contact Dr. Diamond’s office to request an emergency appointment. Ask someone to drive you to the office because your vision may be impaired, and the treatment may involve eye drops that could make driving difficult.

If you get a chemical in your eye, rinse it with water and contact the practice for advice. Addressing any foreign objects or chemicals in your eyes as quickly as possible can prevent further damage.

If you experience any sudden changes or impairments to your vision or have an accident that causes an eye injury, call the office for advice and to request an appointment. If you have reached the office after hours and believe you have an ocular emergency, seek care immediately with your nearest ER.